SKY Urban Empowerment and Transformation Center is the overarching organization that entails a variety of programs, ministries and forums that empowers those we serve to live to their greatest potential .  The vision and mission is urban focus to meet the diverse needs of the community from many difference perspectives engaging community partners in accomplishing our mission as we serve.  We accomplish our mission through the following means:

Social Justice Outreach
SKY Connection and Solution Life Center
Empowerment Center –Leadership, Training and workshops
New Possibilities Youth Leadership and Development                                                            
SKY Center for Spiritual Living  Church

To be the people of God united in Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit reaching out to a culturally diverse community by embracing and empowering  individuals to lives   joyful, peaceful, faithful and victorious  lives  while experiencing their greatest potential, purpose,  power and new  possibilities in transforming the world.

Our purpose is restoring lives, instilling spiritual values, creating new possibilities, transforming lives and empowering individual’s and group for service.


Being a spirit-led and purpose driven people empowered by the Holy Spirit who are one in Christ and who value the humanity of each person and believe that all persons are entitled to the gift of life and who seeks to inspire and empower each person, groups and organizations to experience fully the gift of life as shaped by the spiritual principles and values of God. We seek through these principles and values in ongoing work of:

·         Restoring the  Soul

·         Engaging our Faith

·         Spirit-driven and prayer base

·         Transforming and renewing body, mind , spirit and soul

·         Obeying the Spirit

·         Reconciling and strengthening relationships

·         Empowering to serve



  • The Reverend Dr. Linda Smith,  Executive Director & Pastor

  • Marilyn Crabtree, Administrative  Assistant

  •  Reginald Lucas, Minister of Music

  • Shirley Young  and Stephanie Commandest, Praise and Worship Leaders