SKY Urban Empowerment and Transformation Center is the overarching organization that entails a variety of programs, ministries and forums that empowers those we serve to live to their greatest potential .  The vision and mission is urban focus to meet the diverse needs of the community from many difference perspectives engaging community partners in accomplishing our mission as we serve.  We accomplish our mission through the following means:

Social Justice Outreach 
SKY Connection and Solution Life Center
Empowerment Center –Leadership, Training and workshops
New Possibilities Youth Leadership and Development                                                            
SKY Center for Spiritual Living  Church

SKY is the leading voice in equipping and empowering individuals with the tools necessary to transforming their lives. Through various forums we address the holistic needs
of individuals spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Each component of SKY is interconnected in creating solutions in the lives of people and the community.