SKY Center for Spiritual Living

Mission: To RESTORE lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Vision: To be a place where lives are united in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit and whose values are reflective of principles found in God’s Holy Word.

Our Values are:

     o Restoring the Soul
     o Engaging active Faith
     o Strengthening Spiritual Power
     o Transforming and renewing body, mind, spirit and soul
     o Obeying the Spirit
     o Reconciling and strengthening relationships
     o Empowering to serve others

    • Worship Service
         o Sunday Morning Praise and Worship
         o Ash Wednesday Service
         o Good Friday Worship Service
         o Easter & Resurrection Service
         o Praise from the Soul Concert
         o Revival and Spiritual Renewal

    • Evangelism

    • Ministries
         o ASAP (Anointed Spirit Appointed Prayer)
         o MEN of Excellence
               Real Men Real Talk
               Men of Excellence Prayer Breakfast
         o Women Empowerment Conference