Bio of Executive Director

The Reverend Dr. Linda M. Smith serves as Executive Director and Senior Pastor of S.K.Y. Urban Empowerment and Transformation. She is the Founder of the Center of Hope in Renton WA, a day and overnight shelter for homeless families, women and children. Dr. Smith holds a Doctoral in Transformative Leadership and Master of Divinity with Post Graduate certificate in Transforming Spirituality. She is currently studying at Colgate Rochester Theological Center pursuing a degree in Prophetic Preaching and Leadership.  She comes from a professional background in Human Resources and has been actively involved in coaching managers and leaders in professional development for over 30 years. Her experience includes corporate, organizational and ministerial experience.  She also serves in many capacities working with the marginalized of various communities. She has been actively involved in many social arenas speaking and advocating for issues of equity, justice, race relationship and homelessness in the Greater Seattle and South King County area. Her involving in civil government in the public square includes Renton Human Service Advisory Board, Greater Church Council, King County Regional Human Services Citizen Oversight Board and other organizations and activities that support eradicating issues around poverty, homelessness and racial injustices. She has done volunteerism working the King County Justice Center in Kent, Seattle and Aberdeen, WA ministering to those incarcerated.

Dr. Smith is highly recognized in her field of work. She has a long list of honors and awards to include:

  • Outstanding Citizen of the Year – Renton. WA

  • Patron of the Year – Renton Community Foundation

  • Women of Influence Award - Women Who Pray

  • Gertrude Appe Award – Church Council

  • National Council of Negro Women International 45th Anniversary

  • Evergreen 10th Annual Recognition Award

  • Link Award – Highest honor for Service of Continuous Excellence

  • District Managers Award for Sustain Excellence Service in Human Resource Management

  • Vice President Award for Excellence Human Resource Management

  • Certification of Appreciation for Sustain Performance Human Resource

  • National Human Resource Award for Training and Diversity Initiatives

  • Division Pride in Achievement Award for Excellence

  • Western Area Award of Excellence Human Resource Management

  • Seattle District Manager Award for Sustained Performance

  • Seattle Field Division Award for Human Resource Management

  • Numerous letters of commendation and thanks

  • Numerous community acknowledgements and recognition

Community services included:

  • Pastor, Mary’s Place

  • Chairperson of the African American Pastors for Change in Renton WA

  • Serves on the Mayor Budget Process

  • Renton Human Service Advisory Board

  • Co-Chairperson of the Renton Police Department  African American Pastoral Group

  • Greater Church Council, King County

  • Regional Human Services Citizen Oversight Board

  • Renton School Board Truancy Process

  • Evergreen Baptist Association

  • Renton Reconfiguration High School project 

  • Margie Williams Helping Hand Center

  • Planning Committee for the Salvation Army Meal Coalition Program

  • King County Youth Chaplain Program

  • Communities in School, Renton School District

  • Director of Jones Ethnic Academy

  • SKY New Possibilities Youth Leadership Program

  • SKY New Possibilities  Tutoring program

Dr. Smith serves on the faculty of Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry at the graduate level coaching Pastoral Leaders in the Pastoral Leadership Program and Transformational Leadership Doctorate Program. She has been an actively coaching since 2007.

She believes that volunteerism is every citizen’s responsibility to reach back and help those who cannot help themselves. She has been involved in the Renton and Seattle area working with the marginalized community in feeding programs and other social arena. She has served on and been involved with the Margie Williams Helping Hand Center since its inception. Her ministry has been involved with feeding the hungry at the Salvation Army and every fifth Sunday since the start of the Renton Meal Coalition program. She has been actively involved with providing food and clothing to those on the street of Renton for over 10 years.  Her ministries also make sure that when the temperatures are cold that socks and gloves are made available to the people on the streets. She also has a tutoring program that help young people who needs extra help for school studies.

She currently serves as bi-vocational Pastor, SKY Urban Empowerment and Transformation Center and Mary’s Place.  She was the founder of the REACH Center of Hope and served as Director until July 2016.    REACH Center of Hope is a place of respite for homeless women and women with children located in the Renton area. She previously served as Pastor Church of Mary Magdalene, a shelter that serves homeless and former homeless women and children.

Linda is an advocate for justice and serves as Co-Chair for the African American Pastors in the City of Renton. She co-facilitated discussion between the police and the community on building relationships.  She works tireless promoting the cause of equality through other ventures:

  • Lead discussion from the play – “Best of Enemies” – Taproot Theater

  • Seattle Evangelicals for Racial Justice – Seattle Pacific University

  • Participated in the Beloved Conversation - Bellevue Unitarian Church

  • Seattle University – Racial Injustices – Seattle University

  • Speech for wage equality International Women Day Forum

  • Barrier to Harmony Forum  – Seattle University – ( paper ran in the Seattle University news)

  • Homeless Faith Panel – Olympia WA 

  • Speech for Poverty Forum

She is author of Pathway to the Soul.

She is a powerful and inspiring speaker, teacher, consultant, coach, workshop and seminar presenter. She is able to powerfully inspire, motivate and empower individuals to achieving their personal best and living fully into their purpose. She has a dynamic and expressive approach to speaking that engages her audience as she is able to touch their heart through her caring and compassionate energy and style.  She has been involved in the development of leaders in organizations for more than twenty five years and working with individuals from a diverse perspective.


               425.255.5890 and cell/office: 425.221.1504

               Address: P.O. Box 3266, Renton WA  98059-3266